Chris Park

Office Manager


Chris Park is an accomplished office and account manager with extensive experience in Fortune 100 companies as a senior industrial designer across various industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, and residential design. She has earned her BS and MS degrees in industrial design from the Georgia Institute of Technology, which allows her to bring a unique blend of creativity and practicality to our design projects. From ideation to production, Chris has led many successful design, color, and trim solutions in automotive interior components. Her philosophy of balancing aesthetics and function translates seamlessly into our unique design approach.

Chris is proficient in Adobe Suite, MS Office Suite, and various accounting tools. In her free time, she volunteers in many community service projects in Northern VA through Fairfax County Public Schools and athletic organizations. Chris also loves to support her daughter through her D1 softball, golf, and pickleball.


Aspiring Bogey Golfer
Wordle/Quordle Addict